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Category Press Release
Publish Date 6/6/2019
Author Paul Cochrane
Title Environmental Analysis and Support Services Provide Industry, Communities and Regulators with Answers to Important Air, Water and Soil Questions
Introduction Advanced MicroAnalytical offers a wide range of environmental testing and support services to help regulators, communities, and industrial and manufacturing companies comply with regulations.

Salem, NH, June 6th, 2019

Evaluating the quality of the air, water or soil around buildings and industrial complexes can be a challenging endeavor. While regulations have established many best practices in the field of environmental compliance, regulations often don’t fully reflect the concerns that can be created when construction and/or industry begins to encroach on the surrounding environment.

A number of well-developed protocols and regulations, many of which either dictate or infer the testing and monitoring protocols necessary, do exist. However, there are also many cases where standardized test methodologies do not address concerns on the edge of established practices – or as is increasingly the case, a new industry or operation not envisioned by regulations previously established.

As new industries are created and move into areas where there is undeveloped land or perhaps neighborhoods, there are frequently concerns about how that industry might impact the surrounding environment. By creating proactive testing and monitoring plans, officials in charge of potential source sites can better grasp the impact they might create. Regulators, communities and companies that face these types of challenges can turn to the scientists and engineers at Advanced MicroAnalytical for solutions. Advanced MicroAnalytical has years of experience working with environmental engineering professionals and community members to determine the proper methodology to establish and monitor evolving needs.

Advanced MicroAnalytical is able to achieve this because they have the ability to combine analytical services from traditional environmental chemistry disciplines, industrial hygiene and advanced material science analysis to tailor an analytical plan to meet specific needs. Common applications might include examination of bulk particulate matter (PM) 10 or 2.5 filters for specific types of materials that might be generated from an industrial source, examination of residues from a stack filter or scrubber at a power plant, or the examination of micro-particles that might be selectively capturing compounds of interest. Advanced MicroAnalytical’s analytical techniques can include inorganic chemical analysis through ICP, AA and XRF, mineral identification and speciation, organic compound analysis through either spectroscopic or chromatography methods, and precision micro-analysis.

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At Advanced MicroAnalytical we are dedicated to providing you and your business with critical insight and knowledge that is essential in the modern era. We provide the testing services and analytical tools for comprehensive understanding of your materials and projects. Our services range from advanced microanalysis of nanotechnology to compositional and functional analysis of large manufactured systems.  Our laboratory services span a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, micro-electronics, nanofabrication, aerospace and defense, environmental engineering – as well as many others. Advanced MicroAnalytical is committed to serving as a valued analytical partner to our clients. We offer unmatched analysis, testing, and services to assist you in your business, environmental, and research challenges. Visit our website at
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