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Category Press Release
Publish Date 1/8/2019
Author Paul Cochrane
Title The Use of Nanomaterials in Manufacturing Present New Opportunities and Risks, Advanced MicroAnalytical Provides Answers to the Challenges They Present
Introduction Advanced MicroAnalytical offers solutions to complex material issues involving everything from compositional analysis and the identification of unknown materials to product viability and quality control.

Salem, NH, January 8th, 2019

Nanotechnology utilizing nanomaterials (also known as nanoparticles) has emerged as a rapidly growing component of modern industry and medical research. Nanomaterials come in a wide variety of compositions and shapes which make them useful in everything from consumer and medical products to energy production and aerospace.

The size of nanomaterials are purposely designed to be extremely small, a nanometer is one billionth of a meter, and are generally defined as measuring between 1 and 100 nanometers. These materials can have unique biological, chemical and physical properties that differ from those of their larger counterparts. Producing and using nanomaterials can also expose workers and others to potential health hazards due to their unique properties which are still not completely understood.

In fact, in late 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a new document to help protect workers from potential hazards associated with exposure to manufactured nanomaterials (MNMs). WHO Guidelines on Protecting Workers from Potential Risks of Manufactured Nanomaterials provides a list of best practices and safety guidelines for workplaces across the globe.

The scientists and engineers at Advanced MicroAnalytical help companies, institutions and research scientists examine and develop nanomaterial technologies for use in all types of products and industries. They offer a number of techniques for working with these exceptionally tiny materials, from special preparation techniques, like cryomicrotoming, FIB (focused ion beam) sectioning, FESEM imaging and elemental analysis to atomic lattice resolution HR-STEM analysis for particles and thin sections. Advavnced MicroAnalytical’s experience with nanomaterials allows its scientists to anticipate concerns and challenges to provide customers with the best data on even the most challenging material types.

To learn more about nanomaterial testing or other material, product viability or quality control support services provided by Advanced MicroAnalytical, please visit, call (877) 605-6662 or email

About Advanced MicroAnalytical
At Advanced MicroAnalytical we are dedicated to providing you and your business with critical insight and knowledge that is essential in the modern era. We provide the testing services and analytical tools for comprehensive understanding of your materials and projects. Our services range from advanced microanalysis of nanotechnology to compositional and functional analysis of large manufactured systems.  Our laboratory services span a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, micro-electronics, nanofabrication, aerospace and defense, environmental engineering – as well as many others. Advanced MicroAnalytical is committed to serving as a valued analytical partner to our clients. We offer unmatched analysis, testing, and services to assist you in your business, environmental, and research challenges. Visit our website at
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