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Category Press Release
Publish Date 12/19/2018
Author Paul Cochrane
Title Electronics Industry Turns to Advanced MicroAnalytical for Integrated Circuit Support Services
Introduction Advanced MicroAnalytical offers integrated circuit support with design and prototyping solutions, failure analysis, non-destruction inspections, and other assessment and quality control services.

Salem, NH, December 19th, 2018

Integrated circuit are used in hundreds of millions of electronic devices manufactured each year. Many of these devices are relatively simple, perhaps only consisting of a few components on a small board. However, as manufacturers continually strive to produce more feature rich devices to meet consumer demands, the creation of increasingly complex integrated circuits can lead to manufacturing challenges.

These demands may also dictate that integrated circuits be designed to consume less power, have built in diagnostics and anti-counterfeiting features, and survive extreme environments. As more and more devices are piled onto shrinking board footprints, and more transistors are added onto die surfaces, the complexities of creating robust functional designs, as well as the number of potential points of failure, increase.

Helping manufacturers overcome these challenges are the scientists and engineers at Advanced MicroAnalytical. Advanced MicroAnalytical has a proven track record of offering comprehensive scientific support services to the electronics manufacturing community. They achieve this by offering a diverse staff of experienced specialists that provide solutions to manufacturers needs involving everything from design and prototyping support, through end user failure analysis. Their staff brings the full range of analysis methodologies available as industry standards, as well as provides deeply customized analysis packages and ongoing support services.

As part of their service offering, Advanced MicroAnalytical provides a full range of non-destructive inspection methods including X-Ray, X-Ray CT, XRF, CSAM and more to verify composition, assembly quality and possible internal failure modes. They provide full DPA and device de-capsulation/dissection to allow for a higher level of solder bonds, wire assembly and component level internal quality. Additional services include surface analysis, sub-micron die inspection, and full sub-transistor FIB-SEM and TEM analysis for situations when an issue crops up on an individual die component.

To learn more about electronics and integrated circuit support services provided by Advanced MicroAnalytical, please visit, call (877) 605-6662 or email

About Advanced MicroAnalytical
At Advanced MicroAnalytical we are dedicated to providing you and your business with critical insight and knowledge that is essential in the modern era. We provide the testing services and analytical tools for comprehensive understanding of your materials and projects. Our services range from advanced microanalysis of nanotechnology to compositional and functional analysis of large manufactured systems.  Our laboratory services span a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, micro-electronics, nanofabrication, aerospace and defense, environmental engineering – as well as many others. Advanced MicroAnalytical is committed to serving as a valued analytical partner to our clients. We offer unmatched analysis, testing, and services to assist you in your business, environmental, and research challenges. Visit our website at
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