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Category Press Release
Publish Date 10/8/2018
Author Paul Cochrane
Title Compositional Analysis Provides Industrial Companies with Precise Answers to Important Questions
Introduction Advanced MicroAnalytical offers solutions to complex material challenges involving everything from compositional analysis and the identification of unknown materials to product viability and quality control.

Salem, NH,  October 8th , 2018

Questions regarding material composition, whether in a known or unknown material, are a common issue for companies across many industries. These questions may arise because contaminants have infiltrated the manufacturing processes or an environmental investigation has identified pockets of unexpected material. Another common scenario involves the shipment of goods that arrive covered in a mysterious foreign substance.

To provide solutions for these types of situations, Advanced MicroAnalytical (AMA) is dedicated to delivering clients valuable answers and insight, not just blind data. AMA’s ability to pair the right analytical resources with experienced scientists from many disciplines allows them to offer clients unmatched quality and precision service. From quick fact finding requests on the gross composition of a material, to detailed engagements like reverse engineering or assistance with DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), Advanced MicroAnalytical provides the answers that are key to finding real solutions to challenging situations.

AMA’s broad range of compositional analysis also includes services such as the correlation between composition and intrinsic properties through thermal and mechanical analysis such as DMA, TGA, Melt Flow Index, and more.  This allows many complex mixtures to be indirectly identified. Nondestructive or minimally destructive methods, such as surface GD-OES, XRF, XRD and spectroscopic techniques can give detailed information on some or all of the components in a material. Complex mixtures can also be analyzed through the use of chromatography and chemical digestion utilizing LC-MS, ICP-MS, GC-MS and NMR.

To learn more about compositional analysis or other material, product viability or quality control testing & support services provided by Advanced MicroAnalytical, please visit, call (877) 605-6662 or email

About Advanced MicroAnalytical
At Advanced MicroAnalytical we are dedicated to providing you and your business with critical insight and knowledge that is essential in the modern era. We provide the testing services and analytical tools for comprehensive understanding of your materials and projects. Our services range from advanced microanalysis of nanotechnology to compositional and functional analysis of large manufactured systems.  Our laboratory services span a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, micro-electronics, nanofabrication, aerospace and defense, environmental engineering – as well as many others. Advanced MicroAnalytical is committed is to serving as a valued analytical partner to our clients. We offer unmatched analysis, testing, and services to assist you in your business, environmental, and research challenges. Visit our website at
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