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Cross Sectional Analysis

Some projects require a more in depth analysis beyond simple surface examination, for these projects we have Cross Sectional analysis.  Advanced MicroAnalytical employs multiple cross sectional analysis ranging from discrete, micrometer size areas to whole devices or boards allowing examination of sub-structure across the entire device.

With mechanical cross sections, samples can be mounted in epoxy and vacuum impregnated to provide a support mechanism to preserve and maintain structure and materials when cut, ground and polished in preparation for analysis. Investigations can include dimensional analysis, chemical and contaminant identification and analysis by SEM/EDS, FTIR, XRF, EBSD and metallographic analysis. Cross sectional analysis is a key technique in failure analysis and electronics inspection.  AMA is well versed in Mil-STD and other destructive physical analysis techniques for the evaluation of electronic and manufactured components and devices. 

Cross Section Analysis of Ball Grid Array Device Cross Section Elemental Map of Carbide Drill Tip FIB Section of Microchip Cross Section Analysis FIB-TEM Liftout of Intermetallic Bond Pad

For evaluation of materials and components when you need to preserve as much evidence as possible and maintain structural integrity of the part or device we have FIB-SEM.  This allows for minimally invasive discrete sections to be performed by ablation using a focused ion beam.  This technique can be used to expose a very small specific feature, and analysis by FE-SEM can be employed or a thin Liftout section can be prepared for evaluation by TEM/EDS.  FIB-SEM sectioning can even be used for 3D dimensional serial tomography analysis. 

Whether you need cross sectional analysis for verification of construction on components, failure analysis or metallographic evaluation AMA is sure to have the right technique and analysis to fit your needs.  Contact us so we can look under the surface and beyond for you today. 

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