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Particle Size Distribution Analysis- PSA/PSD

The size and properties of particulate material are critical factors in determining how materials work together, what effect they may have on air quality and their appropriateness for use. For engineers seeking to create new materials, for quality control of critical products, for understanding how unknown dust can affect the heath and comfort of people in an enclosed environment Advanced MicroAnalytical offers the latest in particle size analysis and distribution form particles all the way from the nano scale and beyond.

At Advanced MicroAnalytical we can provide you with a complete package of image analysis solutions for feature and particle size distribution measurement. We have particle size analysis packages as simple as overall size distribution to volume and concentration measurements of multiple materials in different media and multiple methodologies.

Effective engineering and planning requires material knowledge and sizing. We have special instrumentation for particle size distribution testing and the expertise requisite for the analysis of materials all the way down to the nanoscale. We work directly with process engineers and research & development teams and IAQ and Environmental Engineers to provide size characterization solutions on a myriad of sample types and matrixes, whether it is bulk particulate, mixed unknown materials, or embedded and composite materials.  Advanced MicroAnalytical puts the power of advanced microanalysis to work for you with particle size distribution testing and characterization. 


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