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Power Generation & Particle Emissions Analysis

Advanced MicroAnalytical offers a host of services for the analysis of the environmental impact created via by-products from power generators and industrial burners. We realize that in areas adjacent to these generating plants there are always people who are sensitized to potential environmental issues that could be caused by plant operations. Advanced MicroAnalytical provides testing options for individuals and companies within these communities to best determine the nature and extent of any issues.

In support of these impact investigations, we offer particle identification to differentiate various soot and ash materials from other environmental dust particles. Size, morphology and chemical composition of the particles can be documented with a combination of light and electron microscopy to identify and source these emissions. We also conduct particle size distribution analysis of various burner residue types, high-volume filter analysis to assess the long-term impact at a specific site, mass fraction analysis of mixtures for quantitative analysis as well as examination of coal ash and other anthropogenic materials in soil, just to name a few.
  • Industrial Burner Residue: Particulate Micro Analysis to positively identify soot associated with industrial burner residues and differentiate from home heating sources or other black materials
  • Particle Size Analysis (PSA) by Direct Examination: Examine the size of residues to check migration patterns as well as examine the filter and scrubber efficiency
  • High-Volume Filter Analysis: Testing high-volume filters to determine quantitative loading of different materials at a specific site for insight into deposition patterns and timeline
  • Stack Residue Material Analysis: Analysis of solid residues to determine source of build-up in a stack, filter or scrubber
  • Coal Ash Analysis of Soil (Plus Lead Sourcing): Analysis of anthropogenic materials in soil for environmental monitoring and sourcing purposes. Analyzing lead (Pb) allows for differentiation of paint, ash or other industrial sources of the metal
Gypsum Coal Fragment Fly Ash SE

At Advanced MicroAnalytical, we strive to provide an end-to-end solution for clients looking for analysis on their projects. We provide data interpretation throughout the sampling an analysis process, and follow through to the final conclusion. Our goal is to be your trusted, independent resource that provides you with a simple and user-friendly experience from initial contact to final reporting. Residents and community members in the areas around an industrial burner can find specific knowledge about how likely they are to be impacted by residues from the burner. Operators and environmental monitoring officials can gain valuable insight into the exact properties of problematic emissions. Contact us so we can begin providing support and solutions to your community.

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