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Inspection Services for Electronics

Independent third party inspection of high tech manufactured goods and electronics are critical in maintaining the reputation and bottom line of your company.  Costly returns and complaints from clients can be avoided and caught before products go out when the right analysis is used prior to product shipping or even during production. 

Fortunately Advanced MicroAnalytical is here to help with comprehensive inspection services for high tech manufacturing and the electronics community. We are capable of bringing the full range of analysis methodologies available as industry standards, as well as providing deeply customized analysis packages and ongoing support services. We offer a full range of non-destructive and destructive inspection methods including Visual Inspection, X-Ray, 3D X-Ray CT, XRF, CSAM, SEM/EDS, Dye & Pry etc. to verify composition, workmanship, and potential internal failure modes as well as reduce returns for defective product and address any potential non-compliance issues.  


When non-compliance or defects are detected we also offer full DPA and device decapsulation/dissection as well to allow for higher level detail of solder bonds, wire assembly, and component level internal quality on electronics packages. Advanced MicroAnalytical also offers surface analysis, sub-micron die inspection, and full sub-transistor FIB-SEM and TEM analysis for the times when issues crop up on an individual die component.

Limit your defective and costly returns and disruptions to production by engaging with Advanced MicroAnalytical.  Maintain your hard earned reputation with your client base with standard inspection and customized verification services completed with care and accuracy. 

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