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IAQ-Indoor Air Quality Analysis

EMSL Analytical has over thirty years of experience in supporting the analysis of air and dust samples in traditional IAQ testing regimes, and is a nationally recognized leader in asbestos and mold testing applications. EMSL also supports their clients with industry leading customized analysis services to assist with clients’ needs that run outside of standard IAQ concerns.

Within the tightly sealed confines of today’s modern housing and building construction indoor air environments can represent significant problems for residents.  There are many potential sources of irritants and significant health risks out there, so it can be hard to pinpoint where the problems may lie with standard techniques designed to identify a single or single type of components. We take the time to listen to clients concerns and help answer the IAQ/IH  questions with a considered investigative approach that allows us to address multiple types of components and sources and serve the client’s needs with comprehensive analysis.  The Particulate MicroAnalysis service utlizes this investigative approach to providing a comprehensive analysis of dust in the indoor environment.  Check out the service at the link.  


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