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Battery & Fuel Cell Membrane Analysis & Testing

Manufacturing of Batteries and Fuel Cell Membranes requires consistency and accuracy of films and material distribution within those films.  Measurement and tracking changes of output and efficiency on your MEA, PEM or AAEM can be critical to QC and R&D.  Understanding how these changes relate to variations in dimension, chemistry, and material phases is crucial in bringing the highest quality products to market safely and effectively. Advanced MicroAnalytical offers testing and analysis in support of research & development and quality control for manufacturers of fuel cell membranes and batteries.  With analytical techniques like SEM/EDS cross sectional analysis, elemental mapping of cryo-prepared samples, high resolution FIB-TEM analysis of nano particles and composites, and nano resolution X-Ray CT for dimensional analysis, Advanced MicroAnalytical is positioned  to assist you with tracking and detect changes with your materials, empowering your success.   

AMAImages\20210318_133828.jpg AMAImages\FCM 1.jpg \AMAImages\Surf Pro FCM.jpg

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