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Water Filtration & Membrane Technologies Testing

Water treatment membranes and filter technologies comprise a very wide product space. From water reclamation from municipal water treatment or industrial process sources, to desalination, brackish water supply cleaning, or greywater treatment - water filtration can offer unique challenges. Advanced MicroAnalytical is versed in the challenges that hydro-engineers and chemists face in deploying these systems. From microanalysis and membrane autopsy analysis of reverse osmosis fouling using the latest elemental imaging technology to complete analysis of influent and effluent water chemistry, our capability is your asset in handling complex problems in the industry. With over twenty years of analysis expertise in water engineering solutions, we can assist you in troubleshooting systems - from individual pilot studies to handling facilities with 10M+ gallon capacities.

Materials:   Analysis Techniques:
  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Micro/Nano Filtration Tubes
  • Compound Selective Filters
  • Ultra-Filtration Membranes
  • Filter Autopsies
  • Inlet Water Analysis
  • Sediment Examination
  • Prefiltration/Coarse Filtration Examination
  • Flocculent & Treatment Chemical Analysis

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