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Medical Devices Testing Services

Characterization and Analysis of medical devices and materials encompasses a diverse range of disciplines.  Materials and devices must to be able to withstand the rigors of use and compatibility with other materials and environments and maintain the efficacy of those products.  Medical devices and materials must be free of contaminants and analysis and sourcing of those contaminants is critical.   EMSL Analytical, Inc. supports the industry with services ranging from Product Development & Research to Failure Analysis and Industrial Forensics, quality control and compatibility testing to contaminant identification across the sphere of materials that encompasses medical devices such as:

Ceramics & Composites                                                                        Synthetic Biomaterials  
Electronic Devices & Semiconductors                        Polymers & Coatings
Metals & Alloys   Antimicrobial Surfaces & Coatings

Stent, Catheter, & Delivery Devices
Additive Manufacturing

Related Techniques
EDS/Elemental Mapping
Physical / Mechanical Testing
Surface Analysis & Profilometry
XPS - X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
X-ray Imaging/3D X-Ray CT

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Failure Analysis
Inspection Services
Integrated Circuit Support
Materials Characterization
Non-Destructive Testing
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