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Aerospace & Defense Analytical Testing Services

Engineering in the complex aerospace and defense industries calls for exacting analysis and careful consideration. Aerospace and military systems cover a wide range of electronic, mechanical, and advanced materials engineering, requiring any effective testing to cover multiple disciplines and testing methods including MIL-STD testing. Proper testing protocols need to be employed in pro-actively testing components and devices in these regimes. Not only do these devices need to handle long lifespans of service with complete reliability, but these devices are exposed to extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, and wear. Advanced MicroAnalytical is confident in our ability to handle multiple phases of analysis for reliability as well as research and development in these regulated industries. Our laboratory is primed to assist your company from simple single component investigations through heavily regulated reliability and QC monitoring programs with multiple overlapping specifications. Advanced MicroAnalytical familiarity with the standards and protocols for the aerospace, defense and aviation industries will help you navigate through the host of specifications for your engineering requirements.

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