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Utilizing Glow-Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy to Provide Industry with High Resolution Surface and Depth Profiling Solutions

Advanced MicroAnalytical offers GD-OES and other spectroscopic methods to offer quantitative analysis of metals, semiconductors and non-metallic solids.

Salem, NH, March 31st, 2020 In many of the products designed for use in the automotive, aerospace, marine and even everyday applications, structural parts and semiconductor components depend on the precise control of the microstructure and chemical composition of their surface or subsurface layers to work properly. The accuracy of these parts and components has been carefully planned and is essential to achieve unique properties, corrosion resistance or other performance requirements. One powerful method that is available to analyze these.......[Read More] [All News]

Material Hardness Testing Provides Industry with Answers to Product Development, Quality Control, Failure Analysis and Other Critical Questions

Advanced MicroAnalytical offers hardness, micro-hardness and other material testing services for bulk metals, ceramics, polymers and composites on a wide range of devices.

Salem, NH, March 11th, 2020 Material hardness is a critical measurement for both product durability and functionality. It is a characteristic that can be measured by a material’s resistance to localized deformation caused by abrasion or mechanical indentation. There are various forms of hardness testing, including rebound hardness, indentation hardness and scratch hardness. Rebound hardness (dynamic hardness) testing measures hardness related to material elasticity. Indentation hardness testing measures resistance to material.......[Read More] [All News]

The Power of Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry to Provide Answers to Challenging Industrial and Environmental Questions

Advanced MicroAnalytical provides gas chromatography, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and other advanced techniques to support quality control efforts in industry and to identify environmental substances and compounds.

Salem, NH, March 6th, 2020 Two highly effective techniques used by industry to answer questions associated with material science and quality control, and by forensic and environmental professionals to separate and identify substances from a sample, are gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). These analytical methods can be put to use to detect a broad spectrum substances and compounds, even when only a very small sample is available for analysis. Gas chromatography is a commonly used separation technique in.......[Read More] [All News]

Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Sectioning with SEM/TEM Analysis Provides Subsurface Analysis and Insight for Manufacturers and Semiconductor Fabricators

Advanced MicroAnalytical provides material analysis utilizing focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) and other advanced material testing techniques to provide precise answers to clients’ exacting questions.

Salem, NH, February 5th, 2020 In recent years, dual beam FIB-FESEM instruments have gained increasing adoption in manufacturing, process development and failure analysis due to their exceptional versatility and precision. The use of a focused ion beam (FIB) creates a very finely focused beam of ions from a reservoir source that can be rastered, focused and controlled with electrostatic deflectors and lenses. The ions can be scanned over a sample surface to image the material with secondary electron generation, similar to an SEM. However, the.......[Read More] [All News]

Materials Science Laboratory Offers Elemental Mapping Solutions to Provide Answers to Questions on the Microstructure Level

Advanced MicroAnalytical provides elemental mapping and other material testing services to communicate complex information to clients in an efficient and compelling manner.

Salem, NH, January 20th, 2020 Elemental mapping leverages the compositional precision inherent in techniques such as energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) microanalysis and combines it with high resolution imaging to present complex data in an accessible and visually striking format. This makes it possible to communicate complex information in an effective and powerful manner for those seeking answers to material questions at the microstructure level. It is based on compiling extremely specific elemental composition data across an area.......[Read More] [All News]

Harnessing the Power of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy to Support Precision Manufacturing and R&D Efforts

Advanced MicroAnalytical provides material analysis utilizing energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy along with other techniques for elemental analysis and chemical characterization.

Salem, NH, December 13th, 2019 Energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) serves as one of the most versatile analytical tools available for general materials analysis. EDS is an elemental spectroscopy technique, which goes hand in hand with electron microscopy (EM). The analytical technique is capable of providing a wealth of problem solving data from an exceptionally small sample. EDS captures and analyzes the characteristic x-rays generated from any material when the intrinsic electron structure in that matter is impacted by a high energy.......[Read More] [All News]

Utilizing the Power of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy as a Tool for Failure Analysis, R&D and QC inspection to answer Manufacturing Questions

Advanced MicroAnalytical offers solutions to complex material challenges by harnessing cutting-edge test methods that include scanning acoustic microscopy (CSAM).

Salem, NH, November 26th, 2019 In 1974, the first scanning acoustic microscope was developed at Stanford University. Since then, the technology has continued to advance and scanning acoustic microscopy has become an important tool used for failure analysis, non-destructive material testing and other investigations. Scanning acoustic microscopy is an excellent non-invasive material testing technique that is regularly called upon to find and characterize hidden defects. The technology works by focusing sound to image, measure and inspect a.......[Read More] [All News]

Industry Solutions for Water Filtration and Membrane Technologies Testing and Development

Advanced MicroAnalytical offers a wide range of testing, engineering and consulting services to assist with the development and assessment of water filter technologies and treatment membranes.

Salem, NH, October 14th, 2019 The global water treatment market is expected to reach $88 billion by 2027 according to a report by Future Market Insights. This diverse and rapidly growing industry can be found in almost every corner of the globe and directly impacts industries and utilities involved in everything from drinking water and industrial processes, to wastewater treatment. Key technologies used by these industries include filters and water treatment membranes. These products and materials comprise a wide and varied product space........[Read More] [All News]

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